The Beauty of Life: A Review of A Work in Progress by Connor Franta

With a thunderstorm outside, classical music inside, I had the perfect reading experience of Connor Franta’s book, A Work in Progress. Even if I am a few month late to the Franta Train.


I have always imagined Franta to be one a person that is wiser than they know. His book truly showed it. When he told his coming out experience, he noted that this was more than just him discovering him sexuality. It was about him overcoming his biggest fear.

Now let me tell you that I have not seen a prettier book in all of my days. If you don’t follow Connor’s Instagram, you should. It is a personal experience every time he posts of, “He does this with his phone and a cheap app and here I am with a DSLR and photoshop.” Essentially, you take the photography of his instagram, but you don’t limit it to a scare image. He uses the perfect amount of color images to counter the black and white text.

While we’re on the topic, let’s talk about design. The book is on a very thick paper. It’s to the point where you think you’re skipping pages. But with the line spacing so far apart it gives the sense of openness. And the cover is a great design.

Back to the content. A Work in Progress is essentially an autobiography with many morals and advice that Franta learned throughout his life. He called the book A Work in Progress because he is only twenty-two years old and he stilled hasn’t reached his peak yet. Which makes sense.


Franta makes a deal in the book about looking for the small things in life. From the cup of coffee in the morning that gives a full sensory experience to that first moment you get into bed. He also makes a big deal about putting your phone down and start noticing the art in everything. Your breakfast is art, your dining room table and chairs is art, your friendships are art.

So do I recommend the book? Absolutely. Anyone who is looking to see life in a more beautiful way needs to read this book and take a piece of advice from it. I’ve decided to stick with the one piece of advice of just go for it and stop caring about what is holding you back.


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