Radio Show Week One

  • NASA found flowing water on Mars 
    • Some scientists noticed that there were dark streak marks that appeared on certain glaciers during parts of the year
      • they noticed that these streaks darkened during the warmer season and went away during the colder.
      • This is the most conclusive proof that there is liquid water on Mars making it even more likely to have contained life at one point.
      • The researchers did note that the water is more like brine than water, meaning it would be very salty
        • salt lowers the freezing temperature of the water
      • Scientists do know that water did once flow on Mars in rivers instead of streaks, but that water has since evaporated or froze over time.
  • Consent in Sex Ed 
    • Seems like a fairly easy concept to understand but if consent is not talked about, that may lead to sexual violence in some manner because neither party involved know what saying no means and what will happen if you abuse someone’s consent
    • There is a petition going on the White House website that is pushing to require Consent in Sex Ed units in high school to teach teens about how important consent is and what the nuances of the topic are.
    • It currently has about seven thousand signatures out the one hundred thousand that are needed for it to be considered.
  • Jazz Jennings
    • Diagnosed with gender dysphoria at 5 years old
      • was one of the youngest transgendered people on television at age 6 when asked to appear on the 20/20 show
    • She now has her own TV show on TLC
    • She is only 14 and is basically the idol for transgender teenagers
    • She does a lot of advocacy work
  • A turtle that glows 
    • glows neon green and red
    • Endangered species – hawksbill sea turtle
    • biofluorescence
      • Able to reflect light back as a different color
      • usually used for finding and attracting prey or defense or some kind of communication,
    • shell is very good at concealing the animal in a rocky reef habitat during the day
    • It’s a new thing so we need to do more research about how it gets this cool ability
  • Super Blood Moon 
    • Very important because
      • Harvest Moon – It was the closest full moon to the September Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere
      • The closest the moon will be during 2015
      • Blood moon comes from the fourth and final total eclipse of lunar tetrad
        • Each eclipse has been about 6 months apart.
  • Sexualized Costumes for women/girls
    • As much as everyone likes to joke about “slutty cop” or “slutty nurse” it is an actual thing and it’s very hard to find costume for women and girls that isn’t sexualized in someway
      • Many of the costumes a short, low-cut, and many come with items that could be considered sex toys
      • Men’s outfits often portray the item exactly. So a cop costume would actually resemble a cop uniform
      • Outfits for girls who are younger and younger are getting more sexualized and it is getting to the point that women are fed up with it and making their own costume for this Halloween season.
  • Zendaya 
    • Mattel is giving her a doll
      • Look-alike to the actress, scary look-alike
      • Barbie has Zendaya’s iconic, yet controversial  dreads
  • BuzzFeed Quizzes
  • Black Whopper 
    • Burger King introducing Whopper to the United States
    • a variant of the Kuro Burger, which it released in Japan last September, called the Halloween Whopper.
    • A-1 sauce is baked into the bun

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