A Masterpost to Clarify some things

  1. Pro-Choice does NOT mean pro-abortion. People who are pro-choice think that women should be allowed the CHOICE to have an abortion if they so please.
  2. #BlackLivesMatter came from the police violence that was targeted at the black community. It has since evolved into support of African-American visibility in the media and online.
  3. Global warming is good…in moderation. Without it, we would be like Mercury where it would be extraordinarily hot while in the sun (during the day), but extremely cold while away from the sun (at night). That is why the actual term is “climate change” because our climate is changing. There is scientific proof of that.
  4. Rape means sex without consent. No matter the relation to the person. If that other person says no then you can’t do anything. You break the terms of the agreement and you’ve just raped them. If they say “No” or “Stop” in the middle of doing-the-do, that is the end of their consent. You need a yes or it’s no go.
  5. Feminism is not “man-hating”. Feminism is the focus of bringing women and men together to be viewed the same. Women should be allowed to get paid the same as men while men can have the same amount of emotional release as women.

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