Dear Baby Boomers

Dear Baby Boomers,

I know you folks are used to being the top dogs, the main targets, the go-tos, but I’m here to tell you that you’re not. It’s time for your grandkids to take over that role.

Now, I know there are some things going on right now that you don’t like, but let me try to tell you something.


Welcome to the days of the Millenials. Welcome to the days of the 20 somethings. The people you are calling “lazy,” “undetermined,” and “entitled” are here to take over your spot as the “New Boomers” with 80 million of us strong.

We are more accepting than you, Baby Boomers. We recognize racism and are trying to do something about it. We recognize the many sexualities and genders and accept them for who they are. We recognize the benefits of marijiuana and do not need faulty studies as support us.

You may be throwing fits about abortions and gender-neutral toys and gay marriage and protests because that does not fit with what you are comfortable with. But we are here throwing fits about women’s rights, racial equality, a right to education, and making a livable wage because we want to survive and thrive equally.

So go ahead and be upset about every little thing we do and go ahead and stop supporting Target and Starbucks and whatever other company you find problems with but let me just tell you something:


Your little protests and storming out of the store does absolutely nothing. Your grandkids don’t care what aisle they get their toys from, let alone what store. They just want to play with something and be creative and have fun. You can go ahead and make your coffee at home. Nobody else cares. You’re actually relieving them of some extra work they’d have to do of making your drink.

Now I know this is very overgeneralized, but it’s something that needs to be said. Baby Boomers are not longer the target generation. As you begin to retire and die off, you are leaving room for Millenials and their children to fix all of the problems you have left us with. So go ahead and say we’re not informed and that we’re entitled, but at least we didn’t cause a Recession or get our news from Fox News.

Thank You,

Taylor Vos

P.S. I prefer BBC News


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