Religions and Transgender Argument

I was talking to my mom the other day and she says that she doesn’t think God makes mistakes when we were talking about transgender and gender dysphoria.

This is something I’m sure a lot of people say, but we do know that gender dysphoria is a thing. There’s evidence that the chemicals in the brain do not match the hormones being released by the body.

But my argument is, if God doesn’t make mistakes, where did it go wrong? Because if they don’t match up, you have to change either the brain or the body to make it right.

Mormons believe that in the premortal life your spirit was created and holds all of your memories, sense of self, personality, and when you’re conceived/born your spirit connects with the body. The body is the carrier of that spirit which directly resembles what your spirit looked like in the premortal world. Which complicates things.

Now Mormons also believe that the spirit is whole but sometimes the body can be damaged. If you lose a limb, develop a disease or disability, get a scar, those will all be healed when your body and spirit reconnect at judgment day.

So if your spirit is male, but you are born into a female body, that would be analogous to a spirit being born into a premature, frail body or a body that has down syndrome or is missing a limb in the terms that the body would be healed/corrected after the death.

That must mean that gender dysphoria isn’t a mistake. It is a trial that one must go through like any other disease/disorder/disability. And just as those missing limbs are able to get prosthetics, there are many medical ways to help someone with gender dysphoria correct their body to make it through the trial.

Why correct the body? Because you are your spirit and your spirit is your brain. Body and spirit combine make the soul. The two must be aligned to have one be at terms with who they are. Your spirit/brain is impossible to change due to the fact that you were created by God directly to be that way. You are born into a body that doesn’t match correctly as a trial for you and others around you to learn from.

(JSYK, I don’t mean to offend anybody and I’m positive this isn’t ¬†politically correct. But I’m sure this argument can apply to other religions as well, I just am most versed in LDS)


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