Just a quick note…

I’m going to teach you guys a little thing about media.

Media can control what you think. The only things you haven’t learned from the media are the things you have learned via experience.

For example, books, of any variety. They are a medium. Movies and documentaries, they are a medium. Newspapers. They are a medium. TV shows and the news. Guess what, that’s media too.

There is literally nothing you haven’t learned from the media. And that’s terrifying. Especially because pop culture is able to teach you things that aren’t true.

For example, Kristen Stewart. I bet you all thought she was a frowny bitch who cheated on Robert Pattinson with her boss probably to get more money. Actually that’s not true. Kristen Stewart is a smiling, beautiful, intelligent adult that was probably forced into a relationship with her boss and is now (probably) dating her best friend.

Why do I tell you all of this? Because I’m tired of everyone seeing these “riots” in Ferguson and Baltimore as what is going down. No. That is just what popular media is showing you. There were more peaceful protests than anything else. If you look at the videos and social media of the protests, they will show you that any violence was caused by outsiders or instigated by the police. The people of Ferguson and Baltimore are just seeking for change that will help save the lives of many blacks across the nation from police violence. They are tired of this genocide and are just looking for change. Not violence.


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