Review: Title by Meghan Trainor

With the release of Meghan Trainor’s first album, I figured I might give you my opinions on the songs after the first time I heard them and then my opinion overall about the album.

1. The Best Part (Interlude)

This acapella song is the introduction to the album. It talks about “how the best part of being a singer at all is singing to the world my songs”. It’s a cute little song.

2. All About That Bass

Very catchy. Good message. I wish she didn’t imply that you need a man to accepted and to be happy, but it’s a step in the right direction. Kind of 50’s jazzy, with modern influences. It’s nice and I like it but I swear if I hear one more time I’m going to shoot myself

3. Dear Future Husband

Starts off sounding like the typical love pop song, but then it picks up the beat and it’s because more like a light hearted letter to her future husband about all the things he has to do if they were married. And most of them, I agree with. Except, that key change. #StopKeyChangesInPopSongs2k15. But I will say the lyrics “I’ll be sleeping on the left side of the bed/Open doors for me and you might get some…kisses” is a genius line.

4. Close Your Eyes

A slower song, kind of country-esk song that turns jazzy. It works. It’s essentially about being yourself and realizing that everyone is beautiful for themselves

5. 3 AM

Once again, kind of slower. Vocals with piano and drums. About how she’s drunk one night and needs someone to take away her phone because she’s going call this guy and regret it because she needs a late night friends. Sounds cool. I like.

6. Like I’m Going to Lose You (ft. John Legend)

Nice slow dancing song. It’s about how she’s going to love somebody like she is going to lose them. John Legend is trying too hard on his vocals. But they do sound really good together. They meld well together.

7. Bang dem Sticks

Starts with trumpets. Then voice and a nice beat. Kind of makes me think of Nikki Minaj. It’s about how she’s got a thing for drummers. I don’t blame her. So do I. She references a couple percussion techniques like paradiddles and double strokes. So as a band nerd, I really like this song. But take the sexual desire out of it. They just make it a bit weird.

8. Walkashame

Jazzy. Bari sax. About a walk of shame. And being hung over. Catchy, for the topic. Don’t act like you haven’t been there

9. Title

It’s about how she wants to put a title on their relationship or they’re done.There’s a little rap break in the middle that’s cool. It’s very upbeat and catchy. I like it. I’ll probably use this in the future.

10. What if I?

This is a ballad. Makes me think of a school dance. She’s got this boy as a date and she likes him and is telling him she wants to kiss him and be with him. She is telling him that she likes that he is taking it slow. And there’s a flute in it so automatically amazing.

11. Lips Are Moving

Another one of her singles. Rap at the beginning. Talking about how she knows he’s lying and cheating. Refers to All About That Bass. Good job for getting in his face and telling him he’s an idiot. Easy to listen to.

12. No Good for You

She’s telling her friend that she’s too good for the guy she’s dating. Her defense is that just because is rich and successful doesn’t mean he is a good person. It turns out that the guy asked her on a date and she is letting her know. Very mellow melody compared to the other songs, but a very good rhythm section.

13. Mr. Almost

This song is about how the guy is ALMOST right for her. He was sweet, all of her friends and family liked him, they looked good on paper. Shy Carter jumps in with a rap bridge. Generic pop song. Kind of Arianna Grande ish.

14. My Selfish Heart

Kind of the other way around from Mr. Almost. She’s not right for him so she’s not going to waste his time. She’s going to achieve her dream, but wants him to look for the girl that is the best for him. Still mellow like the last few songs

15. Credit

Typical jazz piano. Kind of Toy Story like. She wants credit for making this guy as good as he is after he started dating someone else. The rap break is a little weird.

Overall, Title is pretty good. A little all over the place but still put together. It’s easy to listen to and has plenty of singles, at least in the first half. I don’t think I’ll buy a copy but I’m planning on saving a few songs to my Spotify playlist


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