Let’s Hope 2015 is Better than 2014

I must admit, when I posted on Facebook about a mental breakdown of American society in May of 2014, I thought I was just being over dramatic. Boy, was I wrong.

Not too long after I posted the status, the Michael Brown thing happened. Actually, by the time the Ferguson stuff was going around, I had actually forgotten about the post. One of my friends texted me to remind me after the grand jury telling me that my prediction was didn’t seem too farfetched.

When I was thinking about the American mental breakdown, I didn’t quite know where I was going with it. I just felt that at some point the society of America would just have a collective mental breakdown over something.

I will say that after the last half of 2014, I can more accurately predict what I think the mental breakdown will be about.

The media.

If you haven’t noticed, the media pretty much controls how the whole of society thinks. The news portrays stereotypes of race. Music portrays stereotypes of gender. TV portrays stereotypes of socioeconomic status and career.

It’s quite funny how for years we’ve been begging for media to give us more. More about Taylor Swift and her love life, more about Justin Bieber’s dickishness. More about gay lovers Harry and Louis. More about the things that didn’t really matter.

This year, we started asking for the things that mattered. More about the black teens that were shot. More about the police abusing their power. More about LGBT awareness and understanding. More about the plot and less about which boy is cuter. More about women and feminism.

And I think that is where this mental breakdown will all begin. Us viewers are going to start holding the media accountable for what they show and say. Get them to focus on what matters. Get them to portray the things that everyone should know and care about. Get rid of white washing. Get rid of the “women are helpless” ideal.

This mental breakdown might not occur for a few years but I am definitely getting the feel that something is going to start happening soon where we are just going to get fed up with everyone’s crap and teach people to think for themselves.


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