Why Christmas Needs to Stay in December

Now that there is snow on the ground I guess it’s time to break out the Christmas gear right?


Come on guys. Give Thanksgiving it’s chance. Don’t overshadow the day of much feast with the day of some feast and much presents.

It surprises me how much people overhype Christmas and just holidays and in general. At this point we might as well change the seasons to fit with the holidays. Originally the seasons go with the solstices and equinoxes. So generally about the 21st of June, September, December and March are when the seasons “officially” change but I feel like nowadays it is much more aligned with the seasons that surround them.

Here is what the calendar is ending up:

  • Fall is definitely the season of Halloween. Starting October 1st. Lasts until November 1st when it is half and half between fall and winter. Typically ends with the first actual snow that sticks. Brought back for the week of Thanksgiving though.
  • The “Loving Winter” begins either November 1st or with the first snow that sticks but by Black Friday, the Christmas season is in full effect with every one pleasant in their cute attire.
  • Adding a season, we have the “Winter That Hates Humanity’. This is generally most of January. This is the terrible, gross, cold that never leaves. This is unforgiving and gross. Once Valentine’s Day comes around, then we get more into the spring feel. Everyone hates life and the attire isn’t so cute anymore.
  • Spring is a weird season because it all depends on where you are. Typically by Saint Patricks Day it is Spring with Winter still wanting to show up every once and awhile. But whenever Easter shows up, you know it is officially Spring.
  • Summer comes the moment we can start wearing shorts regularly and can pack away all of our jackets and no longer need our hoodies. When the ACs start going and school lets out, is finally the season of freedom, fireworks and fairs.

There we go. Seasons according to the holidays that go with them. Do realize, this really all depends on where you come from. I live in the Midwest US so I am lucky to get more than 4 Seasons while some of places get 2 maybe.

~Stay Warm~


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