Being Creative is Hard

There seriously is a problem with me and creativity. I go in these phases of how creative I am but I also go in phases of how motivated I am. Now normally these don’t work in my favor. I am very creative when I am the least motivated and I am always motivated when I am the least creative. And add to that that when my creativity and motivation peak together is when I’m the most busy.

For example. This week I was like “Yeah! I’m going to stock pile posts and make videos and do my homework and clean my room!” but then I had absolutely no idea what to post or make videos about. (However I did get my homework down and clean my room.)

Now this week I can guarantee that I’m going to have all these great idea but never have any time or motivation to write them down let alone write an entire post about it.

So here I’m just going to brainstorm some ideas here for the future:

  • 1989 Review
  • How to organize a closet
  • What it’s like to date long distance
  • Tips on how to save money
  • How to get what you want
  • How to abuse your boyfriend into getting what you’d like but not letting him know
  • How to keep up with a fangirl
  • Why I love Spotify
  • Working Black Friday
  • The tricks to Starbucks
  • How to stay warm this winter
  • What every teen needs/wants in their fridge
  • Weird tricks
  • Why Christmas needs to stay in December
  • one made completely out of song lyrics
  • Things worse than wet socks
  • Is being a music major really worth my time
  • Maybe I’ll get famous someday 2

So who knows if any of these will actually happen but this is always something I can come back to if I need ideas and if you want to steal an idea from me go ahead, just let me know and say I inspired you.



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