Tips to Seduction

Dating seems to be on my mind this weekend, and I don’t understand why but I figured I’ll take advantage of it and write out my dating advice and tips to save myself time down the road.

  1. Find someone pretty with a nice voice. If you’re going to spend quality time with somebody make sure they are nice to look at and nice to listen to because you’ll need both of those if you’re going to spend the rest of your life with them.
  2. See what people say about them. So you found the pretty someone with the voice that you could listen to for hours, but they can still be a dick. Before you go ahead and put any energy into pursing this, see what your friends know about them.
  3. Stalk them before you decide if it’s worth your time. Not like, where they live and what he/she does with every waking moment. Just as an extension of the step before, find their social medias and see how often and how they use them, what does he/she say in class and in meetings compared to what s/he says when with friends. Just observe before you move forward.
  4. Start talking to them but hold back the flirting. The most important part of any relationship is chemistry. The best way to do this is to find someone you can be best friends with. I’m not saying “friendzone”, but don’t go straight for a date.
  5. Get yourself in their friend group. Be a buddy first and start building a good reputation with their friends so they support the relationship and want you to join the group sometimes.
  6. Awkwardly start flirting. It’s actually best to do this alongside getting in their friend group. Be friends with all of them but make sure that they know you’re with the pretty someone with a nice voice. Go to their activities, invite them to yours, sit with him/her at dinner, send some pretty selfies, send some awkward selfies, make them laugh. Throw in some awkward side hugs in there too.
  7. Start off with just a date. If it gets to the point where you can confirmed s/he is interested in you, suggest a date. Nothing too committal or expensive. A study date works, $1 movie night, find some other couples and go dinner and split the bill evenly among all member. Essentially, make it public, make it cheap, make it fun, don’t make it committal. Say thank you at the end, give a proper hug (maybe a kiss on the cheek), and text them later saying you had a good time and see how they respond.
  8. Ask the all important question to make it official. Don’t just assume that after a few dates you’re official. Make sure of it by asking. Make it simple and try to do it in person. The end of a good date is always a good time. Whatever you do, DON’T MAKE IT FACEBOOK OFFICIAL. The moment you make it Facebook official is a the moment you know your relationship is destined to die. Don’t keep it a secret but don’t brag about it. Make the relationship strong before you open it to the public.

There. Eight tips. Maybe later I’ll do “Tips for Relationshipping”…Hmmm….


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