Labeling is a Problem

In our OCD society, we worry too much about everything fitting it a box that we give it.

If you guys haven’t noticed, I am a huge Taylor Swift fan. And with the release of the 1989 album (I’ll put a review up when I actually listen to the album) it has caused some people to start bashing her even more about how she should stick to country and not go pop.

So let’s go back to 2006. Taylor Swift was straight up country with a few pop influences on her self titled album. Teardrops on My Guitar, Our Song, Should’ve Said No, Tim McGraw. All that good stuff.

2008 comes along and Taylor pops out another album. This time titled Fearless, it’s known as country-pop. She has the background of country but the melodies of pop and it’s a beautiful and amazing album that I underestimate because it’s the only one I don’t have a hard copy of. This little child has her big hit Love Story, along with White Horse, Fearless, Fifteen, Change. Essentially this album is full of singles.

Taylor decided that for her 2010 album, she was going solo and wrote all the songs by herself. More pop than the last one, this is the one when people started murmuring about how “Taylor needs to stay country,” “She’s too pop now,” or “She’s not like what she used to be.” However, this album was full of hits, Mine, Back to December, Mean (which was country and was so big it got on to pop radio), The Story of Us (which is underestimated), and a lot of other songs that I would love to have seen as singles.

2012 was a big year for Swift as she pushed out the much more genre confused album, Red. With I Knew You Were Trouble being faux-dubstep, and All Too Well being country, Everything Has Changed being folk-pop, and 22 and WANEGBT being hella pop, the “She’s too pop and needs to stop labeling herself as country,” picked up. Even though it was the most controversial album, it was also her best selling album.

And now 1989 which has been labeled pop. And the reviews are coming in. They’re mixed. But one thing they are all saying is that it’s definitely different and definitely pop

So why do we even try to put music in a box? There are so many things we could do if we just mixed music. Project Trio mixes classical music and hip hop (Here’s a good example) and are considered some of the best and most progressive musicians of our era. If we just allowed artists to experiment and do that they what they wanted, could you imagine what we would come up with?



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