What’s with opinions?

Oh opinions. I love them and hate them. Educated opinions are great. Uneducated and rash opinions make me want to commit genocide. I love sharing opinions too, but tread carefully.

Let’s look at my philosophy. I refuse to share my personal opinion unless I have been educated from both sides of the argument. Why? Because there is this terribly beautiful thing called bias. And bias leads to rash and uneducated opinions that make every situation one hundred times worse.

I have a love-hate relationship with bias. Mostly hate. I cannot stand it when someone is going off ranting about something when they haven’t considered the other side. I was in mock trial for a few years and one thing we always did was encourage knowing what the other people would say and ask you.

So, how we defeat the bias we have?

1. Take Yourself Out of The Situation

I have worked for years on trying to take myself out of the situation personally. If I’m ever in an argument I always try to see what the situation is like from a third party. More often than not, the problem is just dumb and I call a truce saying that it’s not a big enough deal for me to get emotionally invested in.

2. Learn About Both Sides

A friend and her boyfriend fighting? I’ll try my best to talk to both of them and see what each of them say before I pick a side and form an opinion. This helps everyone because then there is some form of mediator who knows what each side is going through.

3. Have No Opinion

I am not afraid to admit that I don’t know something, or I’m not educated or experienced enough to have an opinion about a certain topic. For example, the other day somebody asked me what I thought about my high school’s marching band show for this year. I flat out told them that I hadn’t seen it enough to tell them what I thought. I told them that the performance I saw was beautiful and amazing and award-winning because I had the experience and knowledge to give that opinion.


(Here’s a video that talks about sharing opinions)


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