Maybe I’ll Get Famous Someday

Here’s the problem with being a teenager in college.

First off all, let me back.

So when you’re about four people start asking what you want to be when you grow. Things I said were art teacher, I think there was firefighter, and then a “swing-pusher” (whatever that is)

Well then throughout elementary they keep asking you that. I think I went from writer to teacher to something else pretty generic.

In middle school, I wanted to do something music related, I think. But I don’t remember ever thinking about it.

High school is when shit goes down. This is when you have to make your serious decisions. Because you have to pick what you want to do so you can find a college that has the degree you want just to then later change your mind an average 7 times before finally deciding on something.

That’s where I was about 8 months ago. It was really funny because throughout sophomore and junior year I was all gung-ho about going into music therapy and going to a small, very expensive college by my grandparents and all this fun stuff.

Then March of my senior year happened. I literally had a mental breakdown the entire month of March. I went from a straight A student down to C’s. It ruined my GPA.

What caused this mental breakdown? Well…I had been accepted into the three schools I applied for. Now, I picked each one for a different reason. If I wanted to do flute performance I would go to UNI, if I wanted to do music ed I would go to Drake, and if I wanted to do music therapy I would go to Wartburg. With the scholarships I had gotten from each school, price didn’t matter.

I immediately ruled out Drake. It was too close to home and didn’t want to do music ed anyway (however the flute professor is very nice). I was stuck between UNI and Wartburg and I didn’t know which one. I was really good at flute and I would have loved to do performance but music therapy wasn’t offered there. But then I started questioning if music therapy was what I really wanted to do.

So I decided that Wartburg was my best bet. Mostly because it had all the options I wanted.

Well now I’m here. In music therapy. And I don’t know if it’s what I want to do.

Like…I could be doing history or German or language studies or math or communications or psychology or physics or business or women’s studies or a whole other list of things I’m interested in.

So you know…maybe I’ll catch a break and then have people decide what I’m going to do. Sounds like a much better option than me choosing.


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